Why style?

Your personal style is an expression of your inner self. If you let your clothing reflect your confidence, it will send a message to the world about how it should treat you. The confidence you currently have will only multiply once you show your best self to the world and see positive results.

As your personal wardrobe stylist, I bridge the gap from your inner to outer self. We all know that the simple act of getting dressed can shift our day and our attitude; I believe it can also empower you to direct your life for the better. This investment in yourself and your development will last a lifetime if you jump in and embrace it.

With a more sustainable point of view than other stylists, I'm not a fan of mindlessly shopping until you drop. That skirt won't get you the job and those shoes won't impress your date. You know what will affect your life in a meaningful way? How you feel about yourself! Confidence always beats designer clothing.

My goal is to balance the personality that makes you feel confident with the fact that first impressions matter. We can find that balance together!

Intro video explaining why I help women with their style.

Rose Jubb Wardrobe Stylist-21.jpg

Who you get:

  • My earliest memories are of convincing my mother (arguing about) what I should be wearing. (Love ya, Mom!)

  • I’m originally from the midwest which means I show up and I work hard.

  • Being the momma of a preschooler, I totally get how very hard it is to get out of the house looking alive, much less feeling cool and confident. My goal is to make it easier.

  • I’m trained in Communication Art & Design, Psychology, and have a Masters in Social Science (Counseling).

  • I focus my energy on helping women find their confident selves through fashion.

The styling experience:

New clients love to chat on the phone (or online) about current style, typical days, and lifestyle goals.  I’d love to learn about you and how a shot of style can take you from feeling ho-hum to uber-confident.

My not-so-secret resource is a place called Shwop, a marvelous shop in SE Portland. We can bring in your old clothes for a small membership fee and swap them for new-to-you clothes! If an entirely new wardrobe for the price of my fee and a small membership fee (which you can use over and over for a month) to Shwop sounds good to you, then we should chat! We can also consign your nicer unused items to make you a little money.

Otherwise, sessions that include shopping can take place wherever you feel most comfortable: Target to Nordstrom and anywhere in between.

In-home sessions around the Portland or Vancouver metro area include complimentary travel time to and from your home. The time you pay for is dedicated to helping you. Long-distance travels may be discussed and accommodated for a small fee.

Sessions that include Closet Consultation or a Closet Makeover will also include a small amount of closet organization. You’ll find this   makes your closet navigation easier for putting outfits together on the fly once I'm gone.

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